November 15, 2023

bottle rockets

Here are the poems I have published in the journal bottle rockets over the years:

a missile
the width of my finger
on the button

October rain
Captain America
shields his candy

the words I don’t know

out of my arm
I pluck
the bee’s death

spare change
my conscience empties
my wallet

second cup
I stir some sugar
into my headache

rain pelts the candidate’s sign 

I vote for a man who can’t win

the first big snowfall of the season

he remains inside excuses

November 07, 2023

A Hundred Gourds Haiku

Here are all of the haiku I published in A Hundred Gourds, the excellent but long since closed online journal.

through the target
shadow boxer

unable to shake
last night’s dream
day moon

the weight I swore
I’d never gain again
full moon


bent over
too many steps
my shadow

breaking at the surface his moment as a fish

al niente 
mom’s piano
up for sale

autumn dawn
the apple tree
ripe with robins 

morning commute
the horizon bright
with headlights

heavy snow
I shovel the morning
out of my day

the last orange
deeper in the bowl