July 20, 2015

at the end
of a long night
of blues
Lucille still
whispering in my ear

- for B.B. King

Undertow 6

July 16, 2015

irish pub
our accents
grow thicker

tinywords 14.2

July 12, 2015

children's zoo
the first exhibit
my kids

cattails Jan 2015, Editor's Choice

July 11, 2015

as the falling
her masterpiece
in sidewalk chalk

Undertow 5

July 10, 2015

only my
imagination stirs
night winds

cattails, Jan 2015

July 09, 2015

unable to shake
last night's dream
day moon

July 08, 2015

all I caught
was the bush behind me
and the ire
of my father snipping
down another hook

Bright Stars 3