August 20, 2022

Otoliths 56

The following pieces represent my first published asemic writing, from Otoliths issue 56.

August 03, 2022

Haiku Canada Review

Here are all the haiku to date that I have published in the Haiku Canada Review.

night frost

her reptilian


last light. . .

the moth and I

turn in


smokes for grandpa

evening light


a child’s shape

under the blanket

ambulance lights 

home videos …

we watch him grow


old photos …

the history of

her thumb

the island I imagined as it was not fog

whatever I say she believes in fire

ocean breeze ...

the coconut scent

of sunscreen 

river bank…

a washed up

line of credit

earth day…

the joke I tell 

falls flat

break of dawn …

my son casts

his first ballot 

not even sure what I want ads