March 21, 2020

adrift at sea
the god we pray to

weird laburnum May 2019

March 10, 2020

a rainbow
in the oil slick
blackened trout 

Presence 65

March 07, 2020

her dying
wish to travel
winter breeze 

Presence 65

February 23, 2020

no filter
for the noise
next door
the bug screen
gathers dust 

hedgerow 128

February 16, 2020

a bomb. like he had. no idea. 

Bones 18

February 15, 2020


My career goals have always been small.  All I wanted was a job where: 1. I didn't have to work outside; and  2. There was no requirement to stitch my name onto my shirt. By all accounts, I have been wildly, ridiculously successful.

happy hour
I jump over
the limbo bar 

Contemporary Haibun Online, July 2017

February 09, 2020

falling asleep
on the late evening
my uncle rides 
into his shadow 

Presence 65

February 07, 2020

too lazy
to clean the house
for guests
I polish
my social smile 

Bamboo Hut Winter 2020

February 03, 2020

a lifetime
of protest votes
day moon

Noon 15

February 02, 2020

an outburst 
from the bleachers...
summer moon! 

Modern Haiku 50.3

February 01, 2020

mountain path ...
I slip a little
into the past 

The Heron’s Nest, Sept 2019

January 30, 2020

Water Bugs

lap after lap
at the YMCA, an old man
stroking time

face down 
in the shallow end
the drowning 
of these dreams

water bugs!
the stream alive
with kids!*

moss-slicked rocks
she grips
her mother’s hand

night fishing 
in weed

catch and release
a hook pricks 
my conscience 

camp out …
the lake plays host
to starlight 

back to school 
the outdoor pool
full of leaves

*after Issa 

Under the Bashō 2019

December 08, 2019


I wake, groggy, my mind awash in last night’s dreams.  While there’s light in the sky, the sun has yet to rise.  A mist clouds the morning. As I listen for a moment to the silence, I realize I am totally alone.

sparrow ribs
wind fills
a plastic bag

But I’m not alone.  My wife is there, asleep in bed.  I shake her unresponsive shoulder.  Drifting from our room, I call my kids.  They don’t return the greeting. I decide to go down for a cup of coffee but find myself floating above the stairs.

mountain lake ...
a billion years
of starlight

I start to rise.  My thought clouds dissipate. I wonder if I’m falling back to sleep.

crows caw
the opacity
of rain

the old wood cross
my faith

a squid waits
in the tide pool
new moon

Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2018

November 24, 2019


There are as many
billboards for lawyers
as shows.
as a city of sin,
good representation
is integral
to the Las Vegas
Even so, it is
disappointing to learn
that what happens
in Vegas
in Vegas
except for
your criminal record.

Otoliths 55

October 30, 2019

a crow flies by the window I reflect on
the shadows I can’t will out of my thoughts

Otata 46

October 29, 2019


With our cells
replacing themselves
every seven years,
at forty-nine
I have completed
the seventh generation
of the molecular
arrangement me.

that the Iroquois 
made decisions
with seven future 
generations in mind,

I wonder
what conclusions 
from my cellular past 
contributed to 
this me generation,

but also when 
I should gather 
my cells in conference,
start planning 

in preparation for
my fourteenth 
turning ninety-eight.

Otoliths 54