July 31, 2022

is/let Haiku

Below are all of my haiku that have been published in the online journal is/let.

where myths cross
the path of satellites
divining water

to it

I settle for a lawn chair
and a long-range water gun

less than imagined fog

the night sounds
of sick children
swallowing the moon

in the space where his tooth was a fist

Sisyphus in a hospital gown

the stone

that will not pass

wearing black market analysis

not much more than he imagined autumn breathing

at the end of his travel advisories

measured in light years,

the night sky

again tomorrow

I drink all night

by the light of the moon

in my cup

the Chinook leaves puddles

he reflects on

yesterday’s snow

July 12, 2022

Modern Haiku

Here are the haiku I have published in the journal Modern Haiku over the last few years:

of its cage
of ribs

candle smoke
the afterlife
of prayer

late innings
the mound
of sunflower seeds

bird seed
he scatters a handful
of change

after the bomb
a clock
with no hands

garden hose
I straighten the kink
in my back

an iceberg the size of Manhattan breaking dawn

an outburst
from the bleachers…
summer moon!

winter produce
the grocer imports
fruit flies

heavy snow…
I sink deeper
into my chair