February 23, 2020

no filter
for the noise
next door
the bug screen
gathers dust 

hedgerow 128

February 16, 2020

a bomb. like he had. no idea. 

Bones 18

February 09, 2020

falling asleep
on the late evening
my uncle rides 
into his shadow 

Presence 65

February 07, 2020

too lazy
to clean the house
for guests
I polish
my social smile 

Bamboo Hut Winter 2020

February 03, 2020

a lifetime
of protest votes
day moon

Noon 15

February 02, 2020

an outburst 
from the bleachers...
summer moon! 

Modern Haiku 50.3

February 01, 2020

mountain path ...
I slip a little
into the past 

The Heron’s Nest, Sept 2019