December 08, 2019


I wake, groggy, my mind awash in last night’s dreams.  While there’s light in the sky, the sun has yet to rise.  A mist clouds the morning. As I listen for a moment to the silence, I realize I am totally alone.

sparrow ribs
wind fills
a plastic bag

But I’m not alone.  My wife is there, asleep in bed.  I shake her unresponsive shoulder.  Drifting from our room, I call my kids.  They don’t return the greeting. I decide to go down for a cup of coffee but find myself floating above the stairs.

mountain lake ...
a billion years
of starlight

I start to rise.  My thought clouds dissipate. I wonder if I’m falling back to sleep.

crows caw
the opacity
of rain

the old wood cross
my faith

a squid waits
in the tide pool
new moon

Contemporary Haibun Online, October 2018